Preparing for Wake

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God helps us in the preparation of an individual game. Coach prepares a scouting report to equip a team for a specific game. He gives his players a new game plan for the upcoming game, which is His will and the new desire of our heart.

The preparation is where the players experience a close connection with the coach because it is a time of direct instruction and guidance: just the players and the coach. When the game begins, another team joins the play with opposing players, coaches, fans, and other factors that can overwhelm, distract, and challenge the players’ ability to remain closely connected to their coach. Furthermore, the added variables create an uncertain outcome: even though a team prepares to beat their opponent, a victory is not guaranteed.

We need to pray and move through the desires of our heart as if we are in the film room, practicing according to our scouting report as instructed by our coach before a specific game, event, season of life. Once that game is over, God will adjust the desires of our heart to meet His new assignment for the new game that is to come.  If we are truly abiding in Christ, the new assignment becomes our new desire, and the training continues.

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