Hi friends! My name is Hanna, and I am an incredibly passionate and intensely driven follower of Jesus. My passion for loving God and loving others is expressed in the many ways through which I give my heart: from running triathlons, to CrossFit and CrossFit coaching, to modeling, blogging, and serving my community a daily dose of greens and/or caffeine as the friendly neighborhood barista, my unique life experiences are as vast as the depths of my soul. In all of this, I guess you could say that I have found my love and purpose to be caring for the hearts of others: mentoring through coaching, speaking, writing, and everything in between. 

The catalst of my life on mission began when I was blessed with an incredible opportunity to play Division I basketball on a full ride scholarship to North Carolina State University. Under the leadership of one of the game’s greatest coaches, Kay Yow, I learned a lot about basketball, but I learned even more about life, myself, and what it means to be in a relationship with Jesus. 

The story of my career (or to be perfectly honest, the lack thereof) is one themed with overwhelming trial and disappointment. While every new season brought yet another injury, or two, or five, I was certain, and remain convinced of this: the Author of my story is perfect, and every plot twist He has transcribed unfolds exactly as planned. 

After a career ending concussion at the start of my senior season, I began exploring the possibility that God’s plans for me may have extended beyond the boundaries of the basketball court. With the help of some incredible mentors who walked with me through this discovery process, listening to my heart, hearing my hurts, and intentionally guiding me in wisdom and in Truth, the burn of defeat that could have otherwise brought me to ruin became the spark that ignited a fire in my soul to somehow use these life experiences to positively impact the world around me. 

The common thread that weaves each of my diverse passions together is that of helping others know and understand who they were created to be and how valuable their Creator has made them, as I believe Christ continues to do for me each day. 

Through the language of fitness and the powerful, unifying platforms of health, wellness, and especially sport, I have discovered lessons that both refined who I am and shape the way that I experience life. These lessons are embraced in the virtues of HUG2: Honesty, Unity, Gratitude, and Giving. 

Education and Credentials:
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

  • North Carolina State Women’s Basketball Team – 4 years

  • Certified Leadership Coach - Leadership Systems Training

  • CrossFit Level-1 Trainer – 5 years

  • National Certified Personal Trainer (NCCPT)

  • Currently pursuing a Masters in Divinity from Denver Seminary

My life changed the moment I met Hanna. I first met Hanna when she moved to Steamboat. Right from the start she was very intentional about spending time with me, and also pursuing my hopes to workout more. This was a HUGE change for me, because I had never worked out before. I was finally tired of how I felt about myself, and my low self confidence. Hanna not only helped my get in shape physically, but more important spiritually. After every time we would workout she left time for a devotional, and to check in and she how I am. Her beautiful heart, and soft spirit makes it easy to open up to her, and talk to her about my joy, and pain in life. I do not know where I would be if it weren’t for Hanna.

She has had the BIGGEST impact in my life. Without Hanna I would not be the confident, strong, loving woman I am today. Hanna is always there to listen to me, and speak truth to me. I know I can call or text her with anything and she will always carve out time for me. She is a sister, role model, encourager, loving, follower of God, and an incredible woman. I aspire to be like her, and to have the joy that she consistently has. She is always challenging me to read verses in the Bible, and to spend time in His word.Hanna is one of the only people where she tells me what to do and I listen. I love her so much and can honestly say that if I had never met Hanna I would not be the woman I am. I am so thankful for her, and blessed to know such an amazing woman of God.

- Lauren