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The HUG2 Mission is to equip and empower students with a biblically based framework to experience positive growth and transformation through ALL of life’s encounters: the good, the bad, and the seemingly impossible.

Why HUG2?

How do you invest in the care of your soul? 

The thoughts and emotional responses that come from within a person’s heart prove to be the most influential factors in our overall sense of well being. Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right.” Why then, is such an essential component of health and wellness is so easily overlooked and underserved? 

Common practice encourages us to invest in fitness programs, nutritionists, personal growth and self-help books, etc. all of which are important, yes. But, what about taking the time and space to acknowledge and address the matters of the heart? Any measure of personal growth or team success begins at the core of who we are; the heart. If we understand the wisdom previously shared by Henry Ford, an individuals’ quality of life will directly reflect what he or she believes in the heart to be true. Therefore, HUG2 is a unique approach to wellness, addressing soul care in order to successfully navigate the stresses and ambiguities of life through practical and relational character coaching. 

This approach stems from my own life experiences, as I have reaped the benefits of such guidance first hand. At a time when the weight of the world seemed overwhelming and maintaining a proper perspective on life seemed as elusive as an attempt to catch the wind, God put just the right people in my path to be character coaches and voices of Truth for me to help make sense of the thoughts and emotions that were waging war in my heart. 

Rather than neglecting the state of my soul, I was encouraged to work through the discrepancy between what I perceived to be true and what was actually going on in my world around me. Instead of sinking into despair and suffering the physical manifestation of my internal conflict, I was heard, I was valued, and I was changed from the inside out. In the same way, HUG2 engages the heart to equip and empower individuals to seek their Creator and His best for their lives, inspiring others to do so as well. 


What is HUG2?

The idea behind HUG2 is a way of approaching life through Honesty, Unity, Gratitude, and Giving. These fours pillars provide a framework for enabling us to embrace a life of joy and peace by which we were created to live.

However, HUG2 as an organization offers both individual and small group "soul care" for High School and College students.

- Soul care sessions are approximately 1 hour in length and are tailored to meet the specific goals of the participating student(s).

- Soul care packages vary in number of sessions, between 3-5 depending upon the needs of the participating student(s) and determined up front.

- Participating student(s) will be guided through their personalized HUG2 training material, explore how to recognize where these pillars of Honesty, Unity, Gratitude, and Giving are present and applicable to their own lives, be empowered to live out the personal and spriritual growth they experience along the way, and find encouragement to share their trasnformation with others as well. 

Begin living empowered by a new perspective to confidently approach whatever you encounter in your day-to-day, knowing that you have an advocate consistently walking with you through it all, a safe space to process everything you experience, and the tools to equip you to not just make it through, but to truly thrive in this life and forever. 

Get Started Today!

    HUG2 exists to reflect Light to those who long for a brighter day.

    The goal of HUG2 is to bring a smile, instill confidence, and inspire hope to a society longing for love, affirmation, and authentic community. What you can expect is nothing less than our whole heart in order to help bring healing and new life to yours. 

    While the virtues and lessons of HUG2 are inspired by God and His Word, HUG2 welcomes and truly embraces EVERY individual regardless of their faith background or current beliefs. The pillars of HUG2 and lessons thereof are rooted in scripture, yet communicated without expectation of those in training to profess the same faith. These virtues are beneficial to all who will allow themselves to be disciplined in practicing them. 

    The purpose of HUG2 is to help your heart process life’s victories and defeats in a way that REFINES you rather than DEFINES you. 

    “As your Character Coach, I will help you to process the victories and defeats of life in a way that refines you rather than defines you.”