Rock (Ooh) Steady

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Probably not the most appropriate title for a post that was written in light of a study in the Word of God, eh? A dear friend and former student of mine invited me to join her as she followed the Holy Spirit’s promptings to ask Him about rocks and stones, like we used to do when she was playing basketball … Read More

Preparing for Wake

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God helps us in the preparation of an individual game. Coach prepares a scouting report to equip a team for a specific game. He gives his players a new game plan for the upcoming game, which is His will and the new desire of our heart. The preparation is where the players experience a close connection with the coach because … Read More

The Journey to Eternity

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journey to eternity

Have you ever chuckled at how many individuals claim to be Christians? You know, those 83% of Americans who profess Christianity as their religion but seemingly deny him by their lifestyle? (ABC News) How many times have we rolled our eyes in response to such claims? But, have we ever considered that the very act of doing so just may … Read More