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“The heart is the core of our being. It is the arena in which we experience our greatest spiritual victories as well as our most devastating defeats. We cannot afford to neglect or take its condition for granted.”

- Henry Blackaby, Experiencing God

HUG2 speaks to the longing experienced in every human heart for value and affirmation, as well as guidance in the way of self-discovery and purpose. By walking closely with our students to help bridge the gap between a situational perception, or misconception, and what can actually be found as Truth, HUG2 seeks to connect with an individual heart by first spending time in the natural bent of that particular individual in order to establish a sense of comfort and confidence. 

The intentionality behind this connection is to truly understand what brings joy and passion to the life of our students. We actively listen by asking meaningful questions in order to build trust and a safe relational space. Such questions offer insight for how to instruct each individual through honesty, unity, gratitude, and giving as it pertains to the each student’s unique life perspective life and how they view the world around them. 

Walking and listening provides an opportunity for HUG2 to share instruction and help each individual heart to implement the changes necessary for achieving positive life transformation. And, consequently establishing a way of leadership so endearing, it endures. 

While the lessons and virtues of HUG2 are inspired by God and His Word, HUG2 welcomes and truly embraces every soul regardless of their faith background or current system of belief. Each pillar is rooted in scripture but communicated without expectation that our students share a similar faith or even entertain the idea of faith at all. 

The HUG2 principles are beneficial to all who will allow themselves to be disciplined in practicing them. Everyone can use a HUG2 now and again.